"as original as they come, listening to everyone but beholden to no single influence; Eales demands your attention with the force of his musical personality and keeps it with his musicianship" - Budd Kopman (Cadence USA)


Geoff's new solo piano album Invocation on Nimbus Records ( NI6 287 ) has been garnering some excellent reviews since its release in November 2014. Below are a few quotes :

"He is an instinctive melodist with a lovely touch and refined technique, and builds his improvisations with an unerring sense of purpose."
Kenny Mathieson
The Scotsman (November 2014)

"With Invocation, Geoff Eales has shown another side to his musical personality in a solo piano recital that captivates from start to finish, and in doing so reveals a sharp mind, clear thinking, and a natural flair for melody, harmony and an intuitive sense of rhythm; and therefore comes highly recommended."
Nick Lea
Jazz Views (November 2014)

"Eales is a virtuoso player, with an impressionistic touch, and there is an eclecticism in his approach that doesn't get in the way too much but draws on classical inspirations, for instance Debussy and Ravel, as well as the more overt jazz side that even alights on the bebop of Charlie Parker on 'One Step From The Edge
Stephen Graham
Marlbank (September 2014)

"Welsh pianist and composer Geoff Eales combines his love of contemporary classical music and jazz to wonderful effect on his latest album, calling on his years of experience and creativity."
Keith Ames
The Musician (Winter 2014)

For full reviews of the album click Reviews.

On the following video clips Geoff talks about Invocation and plays a track from the album.

(Geoff Eales discusses 'Invocation')

(Geoff Eales performs 'Yearning')

Please visit www.jazzviews.net to read Nick Lea's recent interview with Geoff.

Invocation is available from www.wyastone.co.uk and www.amazon.co.uk. Alternatively you can send a cheque for £10 ( inc p+p ) made payable to Geoff Eales to the following address: 47 Howard Close New Southgate London N11 1EH.

A Christmas Message from Geoff:

As 2014 draws to a close it's time to reflect on another great year of music-making. The climax was reached with the release of my new solo album in November but there have been many other highlights. It's been a joy collaborating with like-minded sprits and I'd like to thank the following musicians for enriching my life during the last 12 months: Andy Findon, Michael Coates, Iris Ederer, Fred T Baker, Julie Walkingron, Carl Orr, Asaf Sirkis and Simon Pearson. I look forward to many more adventures with you guys in 2015 but I also anticipate forging links with some new musical friends. It's so important to keep the music fresh and invigorating.

Finally, I'd like to thank all my fans for keeping the faith. Have a great Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year and I look forward to seeing you very soon in 2015